On September 17, 2023, TEMAS celebrated its 36th anniversary under the theme of "TEMAS 4.0."is a concept that reflects the path of transformation undertaken by TEMAS in its efforts to address global challenges and keep up with the evolving times. The pillars of this transformation are Digitalization and Sustainability, forming the foundation for every change that TEMAS undertakes. This transformation encompasses not only technology but also has a direct impact on the workplace culture within TEMAS. A more collaborative, innovative, and quality-oriented work culture has become an integral part of this change. TEMAS is committed to continuously transforming and innovating to become better and more relevant in an ever-changing era.  
This year, Temas succeeded in turning the company's anniversary celebration into an unforgettable event. From cosplay parties to historical video presentations, the event was lively but still full of meaning. The TEMAS anniversary event was also enlivened by drawing door prizes in the form of 40 units of goods and a Grand Prize of 1 unit of electric motorbike for the lucky Temasian.

 "Company anniversaries are not just about reminiscing the past but also planning for the future. We have all learned a lot from our experiences over these 36 years, and we are committed to continuous innovation, growth, and achieving even more in the future," stated Ms. Faty Khusumo, the CEO of TEMAS Group, in her address at the anniversary celebration.  

The spirit to respond to change with sustainable solutions is TEMAS' commitment to building a better future. Together, let's welcome TEMAS 4.0 and continue moving forward towards a brighter future.



Author: Klara Paskalia
Editor: Dicky Ardyansah