Has several services related to port activities supported by the best equipment such as HMC, CC and other supporting equipment. PT Temas Port provides services such as loading and unloading of containers at ports, receipt and delivery of containers, rental of loading and unloading equipment, warehousing and logistics distribution, general cargo handling, as well as trucking activities that are carried out quickly, accurately and safely. These services are carried out by a team of experts who are experienced and have a professional attitude under the auspices of PT Temas Port.

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Currently, more than 60 ports are connected to our national network consisting of regular cargo, projects and sea toll roads under the auspices of PT Temas Shipping. This is supported by the operational readiness of our 50 ships that have been ISM certified to ensure that the shipping process safely, efficiently and of course pollution-free in accordance with international standards.

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Committed to providing leading container management services, PT Temas Depot presents 10 Depots in several regions of Indonesia. four of them are in Jakarta, two in Surabaya, two in Makassar, one in Bitung, and one in Belawan. We offer solutions in the form of inspection, repair and cleaning of containers, stuffing and strapping activities, provision of dry and reefer containers, container storage, warehousing, empty container trucking, and heavy equipment handling and rental.

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