PT Temas Port, was known as PT Escorindo Stevedoring, established in 2003, as one of the business entities engaged in the loading and unloading of goods from and to ships. In 2013, PT TEMAS Tbk. made an acquisition of PT Escorindo Stevedoring. Furthermore, with great enthusiasm and dedication, our company keeps moving forward and in 2019 changed its name to PT Temas Port.

PT Temas Port provides cargo handling (loading and unloading goods) and Sea Port services, that includes:

  • Stevedoring and Cargodoring Services
  • Receiving and Shipping Containers
  • Rental of Loading and Discharging Equipment
  • Warehousing and Logistics Distribution
  • General Cargo Handling
  • Trucking

Port services provided, are supported by the best equipment such as HMC, CC and other supporting equipment. As the port business constantly grows, PT Temas Port has a vision to be a world-class terminal operator. Customer satisfaction has always been our main focus in carrying out fast, accurate and safe port services.

PT Temas Port is supported by skilled and experienced teams who are not only equipped with expert technical knowledge, but also a professional attitude and mentality.

Temas Port, Never Stop Expanding.