In July 2023, TEMAS contributed to the construction of the Darul Ihya Awaliyah Takmiliyah Madrasah Diniyah in the Surade District, Sukabumi. This effort was made possible through the support provided by TEMAS as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, TEMAS CARE, in collaboration with the Yong Chun Sukabumi community association.

The construction of this Madrasah Diniyah underscores TEMAS' commitment to supporting education and community development. It is hoped that what has been done will have a positive impact on the surrounding community, open new opportunities, and enhance the quality of the teaching and learning process at the Madrasah.

With this step, TEMAS has made a significant contribution to advancing the education sector and strengthening the bond between the company and the community. In the future, the outcomes of this collaboration are expected to inspire similar initiatives and bring blessings to the development of the local area.



Author: Klara Paskalia
Editor: Dicky Ardyansah