Dear Valued Shareholders,

The Company strives to provide maximum service while still abiding to Government regulations and policies. The Company remains optimistic and committed to contributing to developing the country by continuing to provide the best service amidst the challenges experienced throughout the year.

Throughout 2022, the Board of Directors has carried out the duties and obligations of managing PT TEMAS Tbk. in accordance with the plans and targets that have been set. The revenue has shown a positive result, even exceeding the Management's projected target in early 2022. 


Strategic Policy

The company believes that the need for sea transportation, particularly in Indonesia, a maritime country, is a good business opportunity to pursue. As a strategic move, the Company has increased consolidated transportation capacity. The addition of one ship ini 2022, increased the Company's fleet transport capacity by 344 TEUs or 7,184 DWT. Investments made in 2022 are expected to increase productivity and transport volume in 2023 by developing the capacity of the Company's business activities, particularly in the field of Sea Transportation.

Furthermore, in order to meet the needs of the community, the Company is once again supporting the Sea Toll program, which was launched by the government to support distribution activities throughout Indonesia. This year the Company succeeded in winning  5 (five) Sea Toll routes, namely:

Route T-17 with the Tanjung Perak – Saumlaki – Dobo – Tanjung Perak route;

Route T-20 with Tanjung Perak – Tarakan – Nunukan – Tanjung Perak route;

Route T-21 with Tanjung Perak – Namlea – Tanjung Perak route;

Route H-5 with Tanjung Perak – Merauke – Agats – Timika (Pomako) – Tanjung Perak route;

Route T-18 with the Tanjung Perak – Badas – Bima – Tanjung Perak route.

This is proof that the Company supports government programs to improve inter-island connectivity in Indonesia.

In keeping with the times, the Company has been undergoing a digital transformation since 2021, with the formation of KlikTemas. As a follow-up to digital transformation, the Company is automating and developing systems in 2022 with the goal of increasing efficiency and effectiveness in business management. The Company hopes that by automating and developing this system, it will be able to improve operational performance so that work performance can be measured, improve data monitoring activities, and reduce data input errors.


Challenges and Obstacle

The issue of the global economic recession in 2023 and the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic that has hit the world since the beginning of 2020 has had an impact on  almost all aspects of life. Until the end of 2022, the pandemic is still going on, coupled with the issue of other pandemics circulating in society. The Company's performance has also been affected (directly or indirectly) by the issue of the economic recession in 2023.

The Company remains optimistic and committed to participating in developing the country by continuing to provide the best service amidst the challenges and difficulties experienced throughout 2022.


Business Prospect

The Board of Directors sees that the business prospects in the container shipping industry are still very promising. The opening of several new pioneer ports reflects the large amount of cargo potential that can still be worked on. With the massive infrastructure development in various regions carried out by the Government, it will accelerate the economy distribution across Indonesia equally, with many new industrial estates emerging. Indonesia's economic growth, which shows a positive trend in the middle of global recession, indicates the increasing purchasing power of the people. This is of course an opportunity because it will have an impact on increasing the volume of container transportation used to distribute goods needed by the community.


GCG Implementation

The Board of Directors assess the implementation of GCG throughout 2021 has been running in accordance with the direction of the Board of Commissioners. The principles in GCG have been carried out by GCG organs in accordance with their functions. The implementation of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders went well by producing several decisions and was attended by the Shareholders and the entire Board of Commissioners and Directors of the Company. The Board of Commissioners, assisted by the Audit Committee, has carried out its supervisory function properly. The Corporate Secretary has also carried out its functions and duties to facilitate communication between the Company and Stakeholders, as well as following developments in the capital market to further provide input to the Board of Directors regarding compliance with applicable laws and regulations.



In the end, the Board of Directors would like to express their deepest gratitude to all Stakeholders, the Directorate General of Marine Transportation, INSA, Pelindo, Classification Boards, Customers and Suppliers for their support and cooperation so far. We also give high appreciation to all Employees, Crew and the entire Temasian Family who I am very proud of for the contributions and hard work that has been given so far.


May God Almighty always bless our every effort and work.